CEO’s Take the Initiative and Grab the Bull By the Horns!

I found an interesting article in my daily reading over the weekend that really inspired me to take more massive action in my business. The article, “Difference Makers – Top 100 Places to Work 2010” in the Dallas Morning News, offered a glimpse into the CEO’s perspective by asking them three questions. Number 1 – What their staff wanted from them as CEO’s? Number 2 - If they had a do-over what would it be? Number 3 - What failure did they see from their past boss. The question and answers that really got my attention was, “If they got a do-over for the last year, what would it be?”

I chose to focus on this part of the article because in some form or fashion, there are some things in life and in business, we may not have any regrets however we all would like to redo or make some adjustments on something. In this particular article 18 out of 42 CEO’s stated that they would have been more aggressive in their business. Whether through hiring more staff, diving into more markets or investing more in technology and marketing, in hindsight they understood that by being more optimistic and taking more risks they would have positioned their company in a far better position to advance.

These answers were very inspiring for me to know that even in a down market, there are leaders who instead of thinking about slowing down and maintaining the status quo, are actually ramping up and plowing forward for their company to do bigger things. Oh yes there are still some leaders out here that are driving their companies right out of business with bad decision making, minimal communication and flat out greed, however that is another post. Thanks Cheryl for this great read and a big thanks to the CEO’s that has inspired me and hopefully you too to go out and take the initiative and grab the bull by the horns and take our vision, ideas and projects to another level. Please share your comments and experiences.

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