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  • Here’s a Great Place to Find the Answers

    Here’s a Great Place to Find the Answers It’s All In Your Head! I came across this photo on a restaurant billboard and thought it was appropriate for so many people to see. Those stubborn issues and challenges we face on a daily basis, oftentimes, will cause us to look and seek out the answers from everywhere but the right […]

  • Think and Take Action!

    Think and Take Action! There is a lot going on in this photo and you probably can pull out 5 or 6 “Golden Nuggets”, I will keep it simple and leave it at two lessons for now. I know this is a statue and we both look to be in deep thought however I am […]

  • Watch Your Words

    Watch Your Words Today I want you to focus and examine the words you are saying to yourself first and then to others. To take this exercise deeper, I want you to also be keenly aware of how you are saying those words.When we talk to others pay close attention to how people are responding […]

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