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  • SFA – Where Entrepreneurs are Made!

    SFA – Where Entrepreneurs are Made! I was driving the other day and noticed a huge billboard with an inspiring message about entrepreneurs. I attended Stephen F. Austin State University and I approve this message wholeheartedly. Alright Lumberjacks… Stand up! Sincerely,   Patrick Jackson, “The Action Online” p.s. Click Here for a little motivation […]

  • Take Massive Action!

    Take Massive Action Did you get a chance to read my last post titled, “Asking the Right Question“? If so, you now understand that your answer, the right answer, would be a Big factor into leading you to your destiny. The other part of this equation is the content you see in the photo below. That’s […]

  • Asking the Right Question

    This content in the photo below really says it all when it comes to new opportunities and challenges. If you are in the middle of a challenge and pressed to make a decision, asking the right question and coming up with the answer will do either 2 things. When you ask yourself “How Can I”, […]

  • You Still have Time to Grow!

    You Still have Time to Grow! I was at a Millionaire Mindset Event the other day and noticed a poster that summed things up in a nutshell and that is that our Income is tied to our Growth. For me, this mean that it’s simply time to Grow! Most people will start of by asking the […]

  • You Have to Believe it to See it!

    You Have to Believe it to See it! I have my glasses off for effect however many times we try to see things that may or may not be in front of us before we can actually believe it. Have you ever imagine something that looks so clear to you and you knew could be […]

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