My Parents – Celebrating a Friend’s Life Part Two

My Parents – Celebrating a Friend’s Life Part Two

Part two of my visit with my parents is all about my dad now.  Before the date with my mom, my dad called to tell me about a special visit he received from his best friend in College and the military, George Simon’s family from California.

His wife and son stopped by the house to inform my dad that George had passed away about a month ago and they were having a memorial service in his hometown for all of the family and friends.

The thought of them coming over to my Parents home to share the news was very meaningful to my dad and our family.

I needed to drive back home after the date with my mom however after praying about things concerning my dad and his friend’s family and talking it over with my wife, staying put was the sure decision to make sure my dad could attend the services.

Personally, there was no way that I could not be there for my dad during this time, because I know the value of friendships and the awesome time they shared some year ago.

The services was well attended by family and friends and we both was glad that we made it out and so was the family. On the drive back, mad dad was excited to share the many of the stories his college buddy and so of the fun things they got into. I’m super glad to be able to have that time with my dad and be with him during this time of with his friend.
Life is too short,

Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

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