Thank you for taking the time to visit my personal blog. I am Patrick Jackson and to most of my family and friends, they know me as Action Jackson and within the internet and social media circles, people refer to me as “The Action Online” for making things happen.


My immediate family consists of my lovely wife, Cami and two beautiful daughters Lauryn and Morgan, which are the reasons why I must achieve all that GOD has planned for me, to provide for them a quality of life that they deserve.

In the early 1990, I played Professional football with the Atlanta Falcons and Ohio Glory (wide receiver) and suffered a career ending ankle injury to complete that exciting phase of my life. I began my working career as an insurance agent and now currently own an Online Marketing company.

I enjoy performing Motivation and Inspirational speaking engagements for corporate groups, school entities and entrepreneurial organizations as well as mentor the youth in sports as well as life development skills.

As an insurance agent and also an independent owner of a moving company (which was later sold), I left the entrepreneurial world of being my own boss and went into corporate America working for a large and well known insurance company as an agent. With a promotion and a few office moves, I became a Top Insurance Sales Manager and Mentor for the sales teams throughout the state of Texas, winning many awards and sales contests.

lucky and I2
After wrangling with corporate politics, having limited quality time with my family and facing job burnout, I decided to leave the company and take some time to regroup for the next phase of my life. After a couple of months of down time, I knew it was time to gear up and get back into the entrepreneurial world however this time a little different.

This is when I made the decision to pursue my dream of developing the Action Brand” of Online Marketing to help others with branding and direct sales strategies along with personal self development to be all you were meant to be. The online business model is allowing me the opportunity to take full advantage of the time flexibility to enjoy my family and causes I hold dear to me and also pursue and achieve a full time income to become financially free.

Over the past 8 years in the internet marketing arena, all I can say is, “WOW”, what a way to grow and plow through a comfort zone! I have been able to learn and mastermind with some of the top marketers online that have become my mentors, clients and friends. I am proud to say that I work with a strong team of leaders and marketers that are pursuing their life’s purpose while also capitalizing on their dream of becoming financially free!

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My career mission is to do all within the power that GOD has allowed me to possess and continue on this journey with Action Online Marketing, to pursue with passion, the dreams and purpose set forth to make a difference in peoples lives and create a legacy for others to follow. In 2020, I look forward to working with you as we Grow in Success, with all of the Opportunities that are before us.
Let’s Make it HAPPEN!!!





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Action Jackson

Internet Marketer and Business Coach at Action Online Marketing, LLC
Patrick "Action" Jackson is a former NFL Football Player and now serves as an Online Marketer, Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Published Author. I believe in personal growth and self development, which is why I read 2 new books per month as well as stay active in mastermind groups, to keep the iron sharpen for better opportunities and challenges. No matter how much we think, plan, study and learn, nothing happens until we Take Action and Make it HAPPEN!!!