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  • Put Some Respect on My Name!

    Put Some Respect on My Name! This Photo Taught Me a Lesson I look at this photo all of the time because of the story and lesson behind it. Whenever I am a part of a group effort to serve and help others, this pic reminds me to stay humble, be grateful, smile and just […]

  • Reset – December Book of the Month

    Reset – December Book of the Month Rebuild•Restore• Refuel Your Life   This book is by author Quintaus D. Jackson whom I am proud to say that I know him personally and I am extremely proud of the man he has become. Here we was there standing in a parking lot discussing business and then […]

  • Digital Marketing Resources

    Digital Marketing Resources I want to point you in the direction of some valuable tools and resources for you to consider for your online business and brand. If you are starting a career in digital marketing, marketing sales or website and content development, you should take an in depth look at each of these resources […]

  • NFL Cut Day – Bring Your Playbook!

    NFL Cut Day – Bring Your Playbook! As Tough as it is… Remember the Lessons NFL Cut Day hits differently when they call you into the office and ask you to “bring your playbook” with you. It’s definitely a wake up call to say the least! You already know that they are not calling you […]

  • SocialBee is the Social Media Resource for Me!

    For authors, coaches, solopreneurs, freelancers, business startups and agencies, I am glad to have partnered with SocialBee, which is a social media content platform, that assist with automating your social media posts so that you can focus on the business that matters! Category Based Scheduling​ Choose to assign each post to a specific category, so […]

  • EXTREME OWNERSHIP – June Book of the Month

    EXTREME OWNERSHIP – How US Navy Seals LEAD and WIN by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin   Here’s a book that comes at a time where leaders need to take a long look in the mirror and decide if they are serious about leading or need to take a seat! This Book – EXTREME OWNERSHIP […]

  • Poor Smart Rich

    Poor Smart Rich – May Book of the Month

    Poor Smart Rich – May Book of the Month Moving from Poverty to Middle Class and Beyond This book written by John M. Segal is a powerful and insightful read, that I highly recommend to all High School and College Graduates, that are on their way to a life of growth and abundance. Real life […]

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