Memos from the Chairman – Great Read for 2022

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Memos from the Chairman 
by Alan C. Greenberg with a Foreword by Warren Buffett

This book is a collection of executive and investment advice that Bear Stearns Chairman of the Board, Alan C, “Ace” Greeberg used in email memos to rally the troops to success. The content from the email memos cover a timespan from 1978 – 1995.

Mr. Greenberg uses 2 characters, Haimchinkel Malintz Anaynikal and Itzhak Nanook Pumpernickanaylian in the book to act as advisors to him personally, to emphasize his business lessons and office culture behavior to company’s personnel.

From advising the executives on when to get into a certain business line, to communicating to business units on sharing fax machines instead of ordering more and to reuse paper clips, file folders and other office supplies to make the employees more conscious of opportunities and expenses.

The Memos from a Chairman are both witty and funny to say the least and coming from a Chairman or CEO level, will definitely make you think about business from a different perspective. The one takeaway that is repeated several times in the memos, are from the words of his “famous philosopher”, Haimchinkel Malintz Anaynikal is, “thou will do well in commerce as long as thou does not believe in thine own odor is perfume.” 

Thanks Timothy Cavitt for the book recommendation and I can see why it was recommended to you and why you enjoyed the read.
Great Reading!


P. Jackson “The Action Online”

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