Whoa… it’s That Time for a Colonoscopy?

Our Health is Our Greatest Wealth!

Whoa… It’s That Time for a Colonoscopy?
Our health is our greatest wealth!

They say a young man spends his health trying to get wealthy. While an old man spends his wealth trying to get healthy!

I share this pic to remind our business owners, civic leaders, staff personnel and employees that keeps our economy strong and vibrant, to get those vital health checkups on a regular basis. We need You to be here making a difference in the lives of others.

I thank God first and the doctors for a great report on my health and I appreciate my network for the many prayers for me during my colonoscopy procedure.

Let’s continue to pray for a healing for those persons that are battling and overcoming their health issues as well.

Oh yeah, I’m a sucker for those animal cookies however since I’m a Lion, it’s hard for me to eat the Lions cookies in the pack 😆😆

Get those checkups folks because we need You!


Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

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