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  • When You Wake Up in the Morning…

    When You Wake Up in the Morning… Are You Really Tired or Uninspired? Right now the pretty much the whole world is in this Global Pandemic and we are either in a shelter in place or slowly getting out it. As far as your morning routine I want to ask, are you waking up Inspired […]

  • Shelter-in-Place? Your Online Business Awaits You!

    Shelter-in-Place? Your Online Business Awaits You! Due to the rise of the COVID-19 Pandemic, working from home is a standard operating procedure now whether we want to or not. The demand for internet marketing is on the rise. I love promoting products and services to people that need those services, especially online, because Coronavirus has changed the way […]

  • COVID-19 Affecting Everything in 2020

    COVID-19 Affecting Everything in 2020 Will You Become Better During this Shelter in Place? There is so much that I can talk about in regards to Covid-19 and this Global Pandemic situation that we are facing in our lives. Let me run down the list of things such as Coronavirus symptoms, Global Pandemic, News of […]

  • No Clear Vision!

    No Clear Vision! The words in this photo says alot. There are some people that catch on with their purpose and mission in life seemingly as soon as they come out of the womb. Well, maybe not that early but they have it figured out pretty early in life. Then you have many others that […]

  • The Legendary Bottom Field

    The Legendary Bottom Field Will Make You or Break You! Wow! It was very humbling to see my heartfelt words shared in the local newspaper, back in my hometown of Tyler, Texas for all of my Tyler Peeps to see. Over the many years in Tyler, specifically the High School known as John Tyler Lions, […]