Griffin Bulldogs for Life!

The Village Elders Coming Back to Share!

Griffin Bulldogs for Life!
The Village Elders Coming Back to Share!

Dad and I went to school today and as a Proud Griffin Elementary School Alumni, I must say that God showed up and showed out, in that J. L. Ray library this afternoon.
The man in this portrait on the wall, James Ray (RIP), was the Principal of this school back in the day. His strong presence and the impact he made on all of us is still evident to this day.
To see the vision, the work put in and the results from it with Head Librarian Lori Stimpson Arteaga (Griffin Alum Class of 1980), Dr. Henry, the Administrators, teachers and most importantly, the young men of the 5th grade, was and is definitely a highlight among highlights of my life.
I could go on and on and on and on and on about all of the good that came from this event today, but you still may not get the true picture.

From what was shared today, my prayer is that deep in these young men hearts, they will bury that seed of hope, that seed of belief in themselves and that seed of faith in something bigger than all of us, to grow into something positive to make an invaluable impact with their families, their communities and in the world we live in.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work! Griffin Bulldogs Hands Up… One Clap! 
Leaders are Readers!
Be present – Be where your feet are!
Dream Big Think Better!
Be Good Looking – See the positive in every situation
What’s your name? First AND Last name
Good strong handshake!
Eye contact!
Today was a good day at Mamie Griffin Elementary and thank you again Lori for pushing this movement and pushing me to make this happen.
The only thing I didn’t get a chance to do was walk home from school… doggone it!
Great times!
Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

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