Moving on Up!

Christopher Berry is on the Move!

Moving on Up!
Christopher Berry is on the Move!

I’m excited, inspired, proud and grateful, to see a young man, Christopher Berry, making things happen on a higher level.
He is in the creative graphic design space and has went from interning, to producing the work and now is headed into management to lead the way.
Ooh wee God is good!
I love seeing a great downtown skyline full of tall buildings and different art structures. To see him in his new office some 50+ stories up, overlooking the city was and is a thing of beauty.
A mentor/protégé friendship that started in church over 25+ years ago, has matured to more of a connection on career, family and leadership type of discussions. He calls me Uncle, Big Brother, Brother Patrick and whenever I can share a few ideas and nuggets, I’m a phone call away.
I’m beyond proud of the man he is and growing more into and after investing time with him today, I want to present Mr. Christopher Berry to you.
Keep this young man in your prayers for his continued growth and success in his career goals and the ladder the he is climbing. With God first and your family close, the sky is not even the limit!
Each One Teach One!

Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

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Patrick Jackson

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