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  • Walking on One Crutch for Coffee! Week 7

    I Just Need One Crutch to Get My Coffee! I’m starting to get that edge back just because it’s football season and yes, I am ready for some football!!! Well I digress, I am really starting to get my edge just because now I’m down to walking with one crutch instead of two and ohh […]

  • Sleeping with the Covers Off! Week 3

    Sleeping with the Covers Off! This week seem to be creeping by and I am glad to be a part of this community because the information and experiences from so many people are real. I am in the boot now and things are going as planned however the other night, I was reading some of […]

  • Surgery or Non Surgery Options Week 1

    Surgery or Non Surgery Options Now that I have had the surgery, my late night thoughts bring me to the question of why would anyone want to go through a ruptured achilles tendon injury and not get it surgically repaired. Yes I researched and read information on how the nonsurgical option is good for someone […]