Feeling a little Blah from Watching Too Much TV – Week 4

Feeling a little Blah from Watching Too Much TV

I must say that I have been totally out of character as far as my normal day to day activities are concerned. As I recover from this ATR, I am doing what the doctor ordered and that is get in a comfortable place and keep my leg elevated. Now that my daily energy level is getting stronger and starting to get more of my projects and work completed, I took a step back and started watching too much TV. I have tried to get into the Netflix craze and watch a ton of movies and I am starting to be successful at it, however I must admit that I am feeling a little Blah about it today. I had a chance to talk with a couple of friends of mine and they all agreed that, Yes you must be feeling Blah because sitting around the house watching TV is definitely not me.  However they reminded me that I am injured and just going through the ups and downs of recovery and making adjustments during this time.

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For the most part, there were some shows worth watching and I received a few nuggets  from them however I found myself watching replays of movies after movies, such as Diehard, Training Day, Wall Street, 300 and Troy to name a few. I knew I was heading for TV addiction when I tuned into the movie 300 and notice that the movie Troy was on at the same time and I found myself going back and forth between the movies during commercial breaks. My wife noticed me doing this and asked, “Haven’t you watched both of these movies several times before?” Well, I got to snap out of it, shake it off and get back to business.

When I am not out meeting with clients or networking with potential business partners and companies, I am usually working from home as online marketer and I like to have my office and home as quiet as possible with only the air condition blowing during this time of the year. I’m not condemning anyone that watches daytime TV, whatever works for you however I am big on being productive and getting things accomplished during the day. Yes, as much as I hear people saying to take it easy and I have been doing this however it feels better in my opinion, I don’t want to become mentally lazy just because I am physically slowed down for a period of time.

Now instead of watching TV just for the sake of turning it on and passing the time, I will make it as a reward based activity and perform a task and reward myself with catching up on a few TV Show recordings. On the flip side, I am going to enjoy my recovery and enjoy watching some good TV shows and not feel Blah about it. I’m not at the point where I can keep the house quiet and work all day and this is something that I will work up to however the reward based system I think will work well for me in the next few weeks and I will update you on my progress.
Enjoy Your Recovery,

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