Put Some Respect on My Name!

This Photo Taught Me a Lesson

Put Some Respect on My Name!

This Photo Taught Me a Lesson

I look at this photo all of the time because of the story and lesson behind it.

Whenever I am a part of a group effort to serve and help others, this pic reminds me to stay humble, be grateful, smile and just enjoy the ride.

1. Going to a great event with some “VIP’s”

2. Car service for me?? That’s Big Time!

3. New Driver (uh oh)

4. My Last Name misspelled and mispronounced (ooh wee that’s not good)

5. But… I’m humbled by it

6. Driver apologize and is feeling down for the mistake

7. Smile brother it’s all good. You’re here to help me, plus I don’t know where I’m going.

8. Perfect drive to the location and for the entire 3 days (I got the hookup while everyone else’s drivers left immediately)

9. Treat people better than they expect to get treated

10. Great reminder that, at the end of the day, God is driving this whole thing!

Another great event is coming up in a couple of days with my High School classmates “My Real VIP’s”…

So stay humble, be grateful, smile and enjoy the ride because the driver could be new, however God will be driving the whole thing!
Live Full Die Empty!


P. Jackson “The Action Online”
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