Running a Marathon is a Done Deal!

Running a Marathon is a Done Deal!

I have been training for the past 5 months for a marathon race and now I can say that I have finally achieved this goal. After getting injured with a left groin pull for one race, then a thunderstorm cancelling another race, I was starting to get a feeling that this marathon thing was not going to happen.


it did and now I can finally say that I ran and completed a marathon. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

Running a Marathon

Instead of over-training like I did back in January, I researched and stayed true with a training regime from a couple of the experts. It took alot of discipline to stay on the run schedule and I felt strong all the way up to a week or so ago when I strained my right calf muscle running on the route that the race would be ran on.

The route is a 3.1 mile circle around Bachman Lake and 1 mile of the route is under construction. So instead of running on pavement, a mile of the race would be run on grass and dirt and this grass dirt area is where I got hurt.

I didn’t run for a week leading up to the race so that I could give my leg a chance to heal and recover. 2 days before the race, I ran 4 miles and my calf didn’t feel so good. I made up my mind that I was not going to run the race but I would still go get my race packet and come out and support the other  runners.

The night before the race, I received a massage and then had an idea regarding my running shoes. If I attempted to run the race, instead of running it in my Brooks running shoes, I would break out my Nikes Shox shoes and go. The Nike shoes have a wide base and and I felt that once I got off of the pavement and onto the grass and dirt part of the race, my heal and leg wouldn’t shift so much like they would in a narrower running shoe like my Brooks shoes.

Boy was I right because that shoe, in my opinion, really made the difference of completing this race or not.
My time of 5:27 for 26.2 miles was good but way off of my training pace however that was good for me especially dealing with this calf muscle strain. On mile 6, my calf started hurting however I kept going one step at at time.

On mile 21, I hit that “Proverbial Wall” and was ready to shut it down. I didn’t care if I had 5 more miles to go, I was ready to stop and take it to the house. It seems as if I stayed on mile 21 for hours as I looked at my fitbit and the mileage was  showing 21.3, 21.52, 21.57, 21.74… you get my drift; I stayed on this mile 21 for a long time, hahaha. One step at a time and finally, finally, there is the finish line, as I limped leg around that last curve and up the incline to complete the run.

Oh what a feeling!

I just ran and completed a marathon and as stiff and sore as I am, I am totally ecstatic and feeling the hump of finally having the chance to run and complete it, jump off of my back. Yes I was a long way off of my training pace and looking back I wished it was a faster time however I’ll take that 5 hours and 40 minutes any day just to know that I finish the run.

Go ahead and put that one Big Dream, One Big thing to do on your bucket list, put a time of completion on it and check it off.
You Can Do it!


Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”
[email protected]

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