The days of calling social media new is long gone however I wanted to get your attention to talk about these marketing channels. Do you want a marketing campaign that can be viewed, read or heard by the masses and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Try Social Media!

Here are a couple of examples of what I hear from some business owners when it comes to trying marketing campaigns with social media; “Why do I need to get involved with Social media? I don’t need a facebook page, I am not concerned with twitter and youtube however I do want more visibility for my business.” This video post is a simple description of a few different social media channels and how they are similar to a few older media channels that was and still being used today. There will be more detailed information regarding social media in later posts so stay tuned.

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Action Jackson

Internet Marketer and Business Coach at Action Online Marketing, LLC
Patrick "Action" Jackson is a former NFL Football Player and now serves as an Online Marketer, Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Published Author. I believe in personal growth and self development, which is why I read 2 new books per month as well as stay active in mastermind groups, to keep the iron sharpen for better opportunities and challenges. No matter how much we think, plan, study and learn, nothing happens until we Take Action and Make it HAPPEN!!!

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