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  • “The Ground is No Place for a Champion!”

    The Ground is No Place for a Champion! Hello my friends, are you getting hit, after hit, after hit and finally you are on the ground and really not sure about getting back up. Please watch this brief video: When you hear the term “The Greatest of All Time”, what athlete comes to mind? If […]

  • Be Good Looking with Others

    Here is a short video sharing an action tip when dealing with negative people. It’s not easy sometimes being around people that always seem to see the negative out of everything they come in contact with.  We don’t have to take on the same approach that they have, instead I ask you to take the opposite […]

  • Being an Entrepreneur, might as well Enjoy it!

    Hello my friend, As a kid I remember going to Six Flags and wanting to ride the roller coaster. From a distance, it looked fun and exciting however when my Dad picked up the tickets to ride and we moved closer and closer to it, it didn’t look like too much fun; it became ugly and […]

  • Are You in Shape to Live Your Dreams?

    Here is a Big Question for you;Are you in shape enough to live your dreams? Are you in shape enough to handle all that your dreams and your purpose have for you to do. If you work a 9 to 5 job, are you in shape enough to maintain an excellent performance on your job  for […]

  • One Beep Away from Leaving My Family!

    Hello my friends, On the surface it is really easy to say that family comes before work and yes I am in total agreement with it. However over the past few weeks, I can admit that sometimes work if not kept in perspective, can take a life of its own and bump family down to that second […]

  • Still Wanting My Toys is the Key to Happiness!

    Hello My Friends, I hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and were grateful of the past year. Now that you have assessed your last year and put down all of your New Year’s Resolutions, if you have kids or know of someone with kids, I want you to pay close attention to them […]

  • F_C_ the FEAR – Mission Accomplished!

    Hello my friends, FACE the Fear – Mission Accomplished! C’mon people, what did you have in mind when you saw the title of this post? You must admit, it did catch your attention right? FACE the fear and accomplish your mission! Anytime you have a dream, an idea or goal you want, fear and doubt sometimes creeps in and causes […]

  • An Irresistible Info Product Creation Guru – Mark Hoverson

    Hello my friends, for some reason I have to make this post irresistible because in the online business and product creation world, this word “irresistible” has become the new buzzword of the day. For those that has been offline or under a rock, this past month the biggest rage in business other than the Economic […]

  • Gary Vaynerchuk – How Do You Crush It? By Hustling!

    Hello my friends, Who is this Gary Vaynerchuk (pronounced Vay-ner-chuk) person and why is he getting major media play and what is he doing? I’m glad you asked. For many of my colleagues that are operating businesses online, we all know that this guy is making things happen in a big way! He first captured […]

  • Is Jay Kubasek Serious? Discover His 3 Steps to Success?

    Hello my friends, At a recent online marketing conference, I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Carbon Copy Pro’s C0-Founder Jay Kubasek. Carbon Copy Pro, which is the largest internet marketing education platform in the world.  He was a keynote speaker and while listening to his presentation on stage, the question I heard from an audience member […]

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