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  • Too Busy? Focus On The Basics

    Too Busy? Focus On The Basics Many times when a brand new person starts a home-based business, they think that they have to learn so many things before they can have success. In fact, doing this can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. Does this sound familiar? You can get caught up in preparing to do […]

  • “The Ground is No Place for a Champion!”

    The Ground is No Place for a Champion! Hello my friends, are you getting hit, after hit, after hit and finally you are on the ground and really not sure about getting back up. Please watch this brief video: When you hear the term “The Greatest of All Time”, what athlete comes to mind? If […]

  • Be Good Looking with Others

    Here is a short video sharing an action tip when dealing with negative people. It’s not easy sometimes being around people that always seem to see the negative out of everything they come in contact with.  We don’t have to take on the same approach that they have, instead I ask you to take the opposite […]

  • Are You in Shape to Live Your Dreams?

    Here is a Big Question for you;Are you in shape enough to live your dreams? Are you in shape enough to handle all that your dreams and your purpose have for you to do. If you work a 9 to 5 job, are you in shape enough to maintain an excellent performance on your job  for […]

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