Nine Principles of Leadership from Dennis P. Kimbro – Author

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I wanted to write this post about Dennis Kimbro, the renowned author of Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice and What Makes the Great Great, a university professor and speaker. This will be a very brief post to get you to reflect on your leadership principles. I attended a luncheon a few months ago and got the chance to meet him and listen to him talk about leaders and what makes the great great. Not to give away too much of the details regarding the book, What Makes the Great Great”, I want to share Nine Principles of Extraordinary Achievement that he talked about on stage and also in the book.

Nine Principles in the book What Makes the Great Great(Amazon):

1. Deep – Seated Spiritual Beliefs 2. The “I Can” Credo 3. Vision
4. Passion 5. Courage 6. Character 7. Competence 8. Self- Confidence 9. Discipline

The picture above was something that I was proud to have and also proud to say that I am glad to have his books because I always read them again from time to time and pull out more nuggets than before. When you finish reviewing these principles, ask yourself how you are doing in regards to your leadership in these areas. It’s good to to be self aware of your strengths and challenges, now its time to challenge yourself to get better and encourage someone else to do the same. Once you learn, once you know, now do!
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