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  • Action Tip – Is it Really Ok to Quit?

    Action Tip – Is it Really Ok to Quit? YES! It’s Ok to Quit Criticizing, to Quit being Selfish, to Quit Stretching the Truth, to Quit Blaming Others, to Quit Complaining, to Quit throwing Pity Parties, to Quit Choosing Drama, to Quit Bringing up the Past, and Yes there are plenty more to quit! ‪ […]

  • No Worries, Maintaining Integrity Goes a Long Way

    No Worries, Maintaining Integrity Goes a Long Way Should I Take the Shortcut and Worry about the Outcome Later? I wanted to write this post to you that may be experiencing a situation where someone may want you to take shortcuts and get fast results in your personal or business life however you know that […]

  • Tired and Stressed Leaders Need to Read This

    Attention Leaders! There are times when you as a leader are pulled in many directions to bring solutions to  issues and your battery can get drained fast. When you get tired you just want to shut out everyone and go into your own little world. No matter what industry you are in, the bottom line is that this is a […]

  • Do You know Why You Lead?

    Do you know why you lead? I came across an interesting article concerning leaders and leadership. The article asked a question for people in leadership that caused me to dig deep to find my true answer. When you get some time to yourself, ask yourself this question; “Why are You Leading?” Are you leading because you […]

  • Success Leaves Clues for You to Use!

    On your quest for success are you really searching for answers? Are you doing what it takes to give value and become a success story in your particular field of work? I researched and found a video I want to share with you some knowledge, from Jim Rohn, a noted personal development and motivational expert. […]

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