Do You know Why You Lead?

Do you know why you lead? I came across an interesting article
concerning leaders and leadership. The article asked a question for
people in leadership that caused me to dig deep to find my true
answer. When you get some time to yourself, ask yourself this question;
Why are You Leading?”

ACTION TIPS on Becoming a Leader (3D)

Are you leading because you like the feeling you get for being in control?
Are you leading to make a name for yourself? Are you leading to exercise
power over others?  Are you leading because you see a need around you and
that impels you to find the solution to that need? To be an effective leader
you need to really put some thought to this question,
Why are you leading?

Here are three ways to assist you with your answer and for you to
take into your next leadership moment.
First, ask yourself, what is the intent and motives when it comes
to leading others. When we are centered on doing the right thing,
our internal gauge will guide us with the right motive to lead
others in the right way.

Second, ask a friend or loved one to give you an honest answer
on what they think about you and leadership. It’s always good to
get a response from these persons because by them knowing your good
and not so good moments, they are better equipped on sharing with
you some things you need to change or improve upon so that you can
make adjustments and fine tune, to become a better leader.

Third, is to go to God in prayer to examine your heart, search your
motives for true and not so true purposes. This will take a calming
or quieting of the mind to meditate and get connected to get to a
true revealing of your true self.

Also ask how you can make a difference and lead from a servant’s heart,
which can really make your leadership and others you lead be and become
more effective in the world we live and work in today!

Leadership in it’s purest form is getting others to follow. No matter
if you have been called to leadership a few times or many times, please
refer back to the above three ways to find your reason, your motives and
intent and let your answers guide you to lead with a servant’s heart!

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