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Wow! I just got in from an event this past weekend and people have been hitting me on facebook, emails and phone calls about what happened. I am writing and sharing info from what I gathered from Austin, Texas that was mind blowing to say the least. Your  life and zip code can literally change after being at this event and you still have time to check it out!

In marketing events or any sales events period, where monetary bonuses and awards or given out, I have never seen that many people come up on stage and receive monies like this. I’m not talking about 5 or $10,000, I’m talking 30, 40 80, 100, 300k.  I’ve been to a lot of events and this was unbelievable! This event was an internet marketing training event and I have been a part of this industry for 3 solid years and have experienced some great, great challenges and some great, great rewards.

This online industry has afforded me the opportunity to work from anyplace I desire as long as I have an internet access and computer (mobile phone) and my content be it videos, articles, blog-posts are deemed valuable and informative by the marketplace of people locally as well as globally on a 24/7 timeframe. These online marketing systems I use can generate income 24/7 whether you are awake or sleep; Automation is very cool! I am an affiliate marketer of which I promote many, many products online. I am proud to say that I happen to use most if not all of the products personally, so it’s safe to say that I believe in what I promote.

Let me go straight to the Bottom Line – Please Review and FOCUS!
Here’s the Billion dollar question that was asked of me this weekend, eyeball to eyeball in front of thousands! If someone told you that you are a $100,000 a month earner, what would you say? Would you believe it? $100,000 a month earner online these days are becoming more and more common and this weekend proved it to me tenfold!

This is the offer and challenge I present to You starting today.
No matter if you are working a job full or part time, unemployed, looking for change, starting a business, etc… You Can Do This! There has never been a time where with the right mindset, desire, training and tools/resources, we will be able to achieve what we really want, achieve the lifestyle we aim for. Of course I got to say the most important statement and that is  we can do all of this WITH GOD FIRST!

Now here’s the deal, the next event is in Chicago, Illinois April 19th-21, I already have my ticket and I made a declaration to build a team and I personally want myself and my teammates to get on that stage in Chicago. The only way to do this is if I build and develop a team that is making money and achieving what they want also. If you want to get involved and is serious about this undertaking then let’s go! If you are not, we are still friends and we’ll keep moving forward. You don’t have to be a salesperson, you can be completely new to the internet business model, your desire, drive focus and consistency to make it happen is what it will take.

This event is less than 90 days away and there is plenty of work to do between now and then with COMPLETE FOCUS and CONSISTENCY is what it will take. I am taking today through Wednesday morning to review this past weekend’s event, let a few things go, attend a few meetings and answer a few calls, after that, it’s pure grinding until April 19th. If you want to come along, let’s  go!

To be open and not waste time, here are the action steps below and please think and really take inventory of your own life and story:

Empower Network is becoming the fastest and largest content and publishing platform in the world. No matter what type of business be it online or offline, this platform is changing the game for everyone involved. I personally witnessed accountants, construction workers, bankers, school teachers, etc… get all in and become titans of the industry! How…

1. The product is You and Your story! You write DAILY about you; what kind of work you enjoy, your experiences, your business, your hobbies,etc… you get my drift.

2. Next, you market, promote and share this info daily… via social media, Free classified ads like craigslist, ebay, paid ads, emails, videos.

3. That’s It! Simple right. There are people working 1-4 hours a day doing this and the results are unbelievable! Stories are what attract people. They have reached a market that can relate to their story and it’s truly paying off. You may be saying that you can’t write or writing everyday is a reach, well I’ve seen some of your posts on facebook and you are well on your way!lol

1. Write down your dreams, your story (personal manifesto), what you want and why you want what you want. Be very specific and clear. On your dreams, write them down and then get some bigger dreams! Believe it or not, being clear on what you really want is where the majority of people get stuck. Even if you know what you want, I guarantee you that we can go deeper!

2. Click here at Can You Work for Yourself and watch the video from the guy that asked me the $100,000 question. “I think we can agree that this video is pretty cool!”

3. You have taken the 1st step by signing in and receiving this email. Now Click here to get your Marketing System up and running here at (investment $25 blogging platform system + $19 internet training system = $44 monthly). **there are other stages you can “get all in” to discuss later.”

4. We will also go over gameplans, more detail strategies, etc…The daily training system I use and I will send you the link. You may still be unsure or feel as though you don’t have the time or experience or just plain afraid of the unknown of being an entrepreneur. I understand, trust me, that comes naturally and to be honest, I’m scared too… however in a good way.

Because, I have tasted the Freedom this business model allows me to have, tasted getting emails with “You have received a commission” in the subject line, tasted not having to go in at a certain time, tasted not having to wake up early unless I want to (which I do most times between 4-5am), tasted not having a mobile phone bill for almost 5 months and I can go on and on and it tastes good.

I’m thankful and blessed that this event this past weekend showed me that the tasting gets even better, a whole lot better and now my stomach is growling and I’m Ready to EAT! If you want change bad enough, if you want to live better, you research, get with the right people and the right vehicle to move you forward. After 3 years of reprogramming my work habits and daily practices, I have been able to setup a few other online marketing systems that are working for me. However automation will allow me to pair down many of my business dealings and activities and getting focused on this.

What, it’s only less than 90 days and let’s just see what happens! I have Faith and Believe in God with my dreams and the purpose he has for me to be able to create and help others do the same! I really do believe that I am a $100,000 a month earner and guess what, I believe you are too! Now do You believe it for yourself?
With God all things are Possible!

Patrick Jackson, “The Action Online”

Written by Action

I am the owner of Action Online Marketing Company, LLC, which is an Online Marketing and Publishing Company. I love God, family and living life to the fullest. I enjoy my role as an entrepreneur where I have the freedom to dream bigger, mastermind with smarter people than I and focus on executing the plans to success. I tell you what, just head on over to the About Me page and get the inside scoop. Make it HAPPEN!!!

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