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  • Your Mastermind Team is at the Next Event

    Mastermind teams are incredibly powerful, and when you leverage them, your business will change. What is the best place to form these masterminds? Get to the next live event! Every great mastermind team that I know of began after two or more people met in person. I’m sure there is some cosmic exception to that, but […]

  • The Recipes for Success from a Master Marketer

    This post will help someone as soon as you finish reading it. I just got off a call listening to a guy that made over $700k in 60 days and he laid out what I termed the “Recipes for Success” in practical terms. This guy, Vick, is a master internet marketer and “King of Online […]

  • Here is an EZ Money System that Makes it Easy to Do Business

    This post is for all of my team members that are diving into this work from home industry headfirst and taking advantage of multiple income streams online. The past few months, the leaders have been working on merging all the different sales funnels we have into one mega-system called… The EZ Money System! And now your life […]

  • Becoming a Better Leader (Simple Concept #7 out of 11) Adaptability

    In today’s post we will discuss simple concept #7 which is Adaptability. “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” -Ben Franklin There has never been a faster-changing marketplace than the one we live in today. Leaders must be flexible in managing changing opportunities and challenges and nimble enough to pivot at the right moment. Stubbornness is […]

  • Becoming a Better Leader (Simple Concept #2 of 11) Storytelling

    I wrote about the first concept to becoming a better leader which was to become a better listener. For today, let’s go into the 2nd of 11 Simple Concepts of becoming a better leader by Dave Kerpen. Here is a quote that is true in every sense of the word; “Storytelling is the most powerful […]

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