Are You Strong Enough to Make a Decision?

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There are a lot of different things we could focus on as you read this post from Aki relaying one of his brother’s David’s stories and a few powerful concepts, like the ability that you possess for instant change, and the power of acting quickly when you make a decision.

Today, lets talk about the decision making process, and the need for acting quickly. When people who really move mountains learn something, or know about something that they need to do. Do you know when they decide, and do you know when they take action on that decision? THEN, right then.

You see, a lot of people make a decision in their mind that they are going to do what it takes to accomplish their goals. Then reality sets in, and they realize that it actually takes some work.

Then, rather that taking action they might sit around and try to plan everything so that it is perfect before they do their big push. It might seem like there is a lot of work getting done here because the person is in front of their computer going through training modules, and spending hours a day trying to get the website to look perfect, or building that perfect custom header for their facebook page.

Look, I know from experience, because I’ve been guilty of doing it at times myself.

Are You Open For Business?
The truth is that selling stuff is what is going to make you money on the internet. Well, funny enough, that is the exact same thing that is going to make you money in a traditional business.

There was this crazy dude that owned a restaurant. He spent all day at work, and ran most of the restaurant by himself because he wanted to control everything and no employees seemed to do it as perfect as he could.

This guy had this idea in his head that the restaurant needed to look absolutely perfect every day before he opened the doors. He would spend the entire day cleaning, and then open up the doors for 30 minutes at the end of the day and take on customers.

Okay, I made that story up, but a lot of people are running their online businesses like that, and they are wondering why they aren’t earning money.
You would never make money at a business if it were closed 8 hours per day while you were waxing every table, cleaning every last speck of dust, and making everything perfect before you opened the doors and actually let customers come in for one tiny little hour.

What’s my point?
Focus on production. Focus on income producing activities.
If you are thinking about joining the Empower Network, just make a decision to join. Once you have made that decision, take immediate action and get the message out in front of as many eyeballs as you can.

You earn money when your doors are open for business.
There are some fun people out there that start a business and they open it up for one hour, and 3 people walk in the door. The first 3 customers that walk in the door, don’t buy anything, and they get so upset that they close the door, close the business, and blame everyone that sold them supplies for scamming them.

I don’t think I even need to put an income disclaimer in this one because I am making the point pretty clear.  However, just to put a smile on an FTC agent, I’ll clarify the point that incomes vary, and our full income disclosure is updated daily.

Can you make money with the Empower Network? Yes, A LOT of it. How do you make money? What’s the secret? The secret is that you make money when products are sold. Therefore, spend your time doing stuff that is focused on selling stuff.
Follow the 8 core commitments.
Focus on getting 2 sales per day.
Meet us at the events.
I’ll see you at the next event,

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Make it HAPPEN!!!


P. Jackson

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