Selling or Marketing – Which One Should You Be Doing?

Selling or Marketing – Which One Should You Be Doing?

Will Your Business Benefit from Selling or Marketing?

Tired of chasing those business prospects that seem to have the same excuse for no-showing you on the appointment? What about making over 200 phone calls until your fingers turn red, only to have talked with 10 people to maybe set 4-5 appointments with 1 or 2 sales out of it?

I do understand that in many sales jobs this is a requirement and a necessary business practice to be successful however technology has allowed changes in the marketplace that will allow business to take place on a much faster and productive level than times before. The answer to this question, should you be selling or marketing will determine whether your  business and revenues will grow at a faster pace than before.

This post will briefly address why myself and other internet marketers choose to lean toward the marketing aspect of doing business online as oppose to selling. Not that anything is wrong with selling because at the end of the day, sales is where the money exchanges hands however there is a paradigm shift going in business especially online that can assist your business ten-fold when it comes to aligning your prospects and target market with what you have to sell.

empower sales and marketing

In the old way of getting prospects to buy your products or make sales, it required different skills. It required you being a salesperson, requiring you to spend lots of time on the phone. You had to go through the numbers of dials and contacts and push through a lot of no’s and rejections. This was the old paradigm! In most cases it no longer works and is not quite effective as in times past.

I was in insurance sales for 14 years and during this time-frame it kept my family fed and a roof over our heads. However I faced burnout with all of the travel to appointments, pounding the phones everyday and just the grind of it all. When I came across people that were operating their business on the internet and using marketing skills and systems, I was convinced that this was the way to go.

We are operating in a different world now where with just a click of the mouse and your product or business brand can be promoted globally in seconds and when this happens, it’s just a matter of time before the sales kick in. When you use newsletters, blogs, classified ads, social media platforms, paid ads and other marketing tools and systems properly, this will give your business leverage in more than one or two places and actually make sales come easier.

You want to structure your business where your marketing efforts are performing most of the heavy lifting in getting your product message out to the marketplace and this will save you and your operations time and money on the back-end. Have you ever heard of the the acronym S.Y.S.T.E.M., which means to save your self time, energy, money and this is what marketing can do for you.

You want to build the business based more on the marketing side and not so much on the sales side because when you utilize the sales aspect, you have to base everything on sales skills and sales ideas which entails going through the numbers only. With marketing the leverage will allow you to be in several places at once this will allow the sales cycle to move in strategic unified flow.

Take a look at your business operations and how revenue is coming in. Keep in mind that in some traditional business, the selling model is needed and the marketing aspect may take a back seat when it comes to what’s really driving the revenue and profits however I asked you to review your business operations because if there is a fit to develop a marketing gameplan to your business, please connect with me and our marketing group. This is why people want to get involve and work with us because of our training and mastermind practices in our business.

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