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  • Network Marketing GOO-ROOS Will Not Win!

    Network Marketing GOO-ROOS Will Not Win! My friend, this post is a “must-read” coming from one of my teammates, that is breaking down the network marketing ‘team build’ in real talk terms. In most programs that are “direct sales” deals and just pretending to play “network marketing” you can tell because they simply design it […]

  • Selling or Marketing – Which One Should You Be Doing?

    Selling or Marketing – Which One Should You Be Doing? Will Your Business Benefit from Selling or Marketing? Tired of chasing those business prospects that seem to have the same excuse for no-showing you on the appointment? What about making over 200 phone calls until your fingers turn red, only to have talked with 10 […]

  • Do Leaders Make Bad Managers?

    Leaders are bad Managers! Alright Leaders hold up, wait a minute, take a deep breath… calm down! I just thought I would title this post this way to get your attention and blood flowing a little bit. This is a pretty lengthy post however if you are a leader, a manager or a director of […]

  • Simple Review of Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is one of many ways that you can monetize your website and bring in some extra money. Some people even make their living solely with a website. There are different methods of affiliate marketing that you can integrate into your website but not all of them will be successful for you. Depending on […]

  • Michael V. Roberts – Business Role Model

    This post is regarding one of my business role models who is making things happen on all levels. Michael V. Roberts is the Chairman and CEO of The Roberts Companies along with his brother Steven C. Roberts. They also have a strong reach in the entertainment field with the Roberts Broadcasting Company along with Roberts Publishing. With their portfolio of businesses, they have […]

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