Simple Review of Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one of many ways that you can monetize your website and bring in some extra money. Some people even make their living solely with a website. There are different methods of affiliate marketing that you can integrate into your website but not all of them will be successful for you. Depending on the content of your website, one advertisement method might work better than another.

Back in the early days of the Internet there was affiliate marketing but it was a little different than today. The more popular method back then was pay per click. This is where advertisers would pay a small amount every time someone clicked on one of their advertisements. Unfortunately, this method was abused way too much and there was a lot of fraud going on. There are still some examples of pay per click around today but it’s not nearly as prevalent as before. Google AdSense is an example of this but they have methods of tracking any kind of fraud.

Another form of affiliate marketing that has lost a lot of traction over the years is cost per mille or cost per thousand. This is where an advertiser would pay to have their advertisement shown one thousand times. You can still find these kinds of programs around today but they just aren’t as popular as before. It’s just not an effective way for advertisers to get their product shown.

Today, the most popular method of affiliate marketing uses revenue sharing as compensation. It’s a system that is not nearly as open for abuse as what pay per click is. The way it works is quite simple. You have an advertisement on your website and someone must click through that ad and then purchase a product from the advertiser. Once that is complete, you will receive a commission on the amount that was purchased. These commissions usually vary depending on how much the product is worth. It might not seem as lucrative as pay per click but you could potentially earn a substantial amount of money if you’re good at marketing.

If you operate an established website or blog then you should definitely look into monetizing your site with affiliate marketing. You might also have a product to sell and you could use this method to help sell more. Either way, affiliate marketing can be a very effective tool for those who use it wisely.

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