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  • A Message for my Daughter… Work Hard Dream BIG!

    A Message for my Daughter… Work Hard Dream BIG! My daughter, Lauryn, saw the first stages of her fashion designing dreams come alive a few days ago on her first ever trip to New York City. Mood Fabrics Just a year ago while I was visiting New York on business, she asked me to stop […]

  • Ring Ring… Answer the Call!

    Answer the Call! We all have our “Phone booth” moments! Uh oh, there’s an opportunity, your purpose, a challenge or an issue that’s on the line, calling you to pick up. Are you going to answer the call? Yes, you are! Pray, believe, plan, then Take Action and make no excuses. Answer the call and […]

  • Take Massive Action!

    Take Massive Action Did you get a chance to read my last post titled, “Asking the Right Question“? If so, you now understand that your answer, the right answer, would be a Big factor into leading you to your destiny. The other part of this equation is the content you see in the photo below. That’s […]

  • Asking the Right Question

    This content in the photo below really says it all when it comes to new opportunities and challenges. If you are in the middle of a challenge and pressed to make a decision, asking the right question and coming up with the answer will do either 2 things. When you ask yourself “How Can I”, […]

  • Make it HAPPEN!

    Make it HAPPEN!!! In Business, sometimes you have to Grit Your Teeth, get ready for the Fight and Make it HAPPEN!!! Are you ready for the fight? Do you hear the bell? DING DING… Make it HAPPEN!!! Patrick Jackson “The Action Online” p.s. Get fight mode ready, Watch this video and let’s make this Money Online […]

  • Here’s a Great Place to Find the Answers

    Here’s a Great Place to Find the Answers It’s All In Your Head! I came across this photo on a restaurant billboard and thought it was appropriate for so many people to see. Those stubborn issues and challenges we face on a daily basis, oftentimes, will cause us to look and seek out the answers from everywhere but the right […]

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