Buying a New Book? Hurry up and Read It!

Buying a New Book? Hurry up and Read It!

Buying a New Book
Buying a New Book

I want to share a few tips from having a conversation with a Super Successful real estate magnet at a business conference in reference to buying a new book and how to create more speed and momentum in my business.


1. He asked me how many business books do I read a month?
2. Then he asked what is the typical time it takes me to read a 200 word business book?
3. Then he challenged me to increase my speed in reading the book and implementing 1 idea from it within 24-48 hours.

Speed and momentum in your action taking is crucial in expanding both your mind and business. He finished off our discussion by saying, “that you can always go back to gain more insight and clarity from re-reading the book” however the initial buy it, read and implement it” is a nugget I can chew and digest on.

He said to use that “Gut feeling” you have when you see the book and the feeling you have when it resonates with you for a particular reason.

Remember… SPEED and ACTION are the keys to getting a start on expanding and moving forward with your ideas  before your mind-shift to something else.

I just completed a book given to me as a gift a couple of days ago as well as completed 2 half read e-books on my kindle and now taking action from the reads. Now that you read my post, let’s take action!
Success leaves clues!

Patrick Jackson

P.S. Three books that I just completed within the week are…
Book number one – Click for the book here at Be the Man by Author Garrett J. White

Book number two -Click for the book here at The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Bestselling Author Steven Pressfield

Book number three – Click for the book here at Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work followup to the above book by Bestselling Author Steven Pressfield

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