A Message for my Daughter… Work Hard Dream BIG!

A Message for my Daughter… Work Hard Dream BIG!

My daughter, Lauryn, saw the first stages of her fashion designing dreams come alive a few days ago on her first ever trip to New York City.

Mood Fabrics

Just a year ago while I was visiting New York on business, she asked me to stop by and get a photo of Mood Fabrics, a store that provides the fabric for the television show, Project Runway.

She wanted me to go inside and see if I could get some bags, swaths of fabric and small souviners to bring home to her on my visit. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know anything about this stuff and I all I wanted to do was attend my meetings, catch up on some rest and head back home.

However, I did what she asked, met the owner’s Father (Mr. Jack) and the the dog known as Swatch to the TV Viewers. I had a chance to network some with the staff of Mood Fabrics and lined up a chance to get a full blown experience with Mood Fabrics on the next visit with her and my family in tow.

It Feels Like Broadway

She finally got the chance to visit New York City and couldn’t wait to take in a visit to Mood Fabrics. We all experienced an up close view of the people lining the elevators to get their fabrics, to search and look for the latest patterns to a unique outfit or just to try and catch a glimpse of Swatch. She enjoyed every minute of getting her hands on the different fabrics and threads  it and it’s safe to say that she wants to skip middle and high school and jump right in on the fashion mix. Smh, lol

Work Hard Dream BIG!

She watched with enthusiasm of the people, both young and old, participate in the sewing classes and she could tell that as much fun as they seem to be having, everyone was working hard. She talked with one of the sewing instructors and gave her some tips on what she could do to start sewing her items and clothing line. were in full bloom as well as getting her hands on different fabrics and threads was an awesome experience to say the least.

Her Name in Lights

Dream BIG

As we left Mood, about two doors down, was another store name Lauren’s Trimming… Wow! For her to see her name Lauren (Our Lauryn is spelled a little differently) on the building was like adding fuel to her fire.

To go by your favorite store then come out and see a store close by with your name on it was like another dream come true. This was a great way for her to visualize and see that his can happen for her as well.

My wife and are extremely proud and ecstatic to have given her this experience and pray that she continues to work hard, dream big and it can all happen in due time. We serve an Awesome God so work hard and Dream BIG!
The Sky is the Limit!


Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

P.S. Over 25 years ago I achieved a dream of playing professional football and I am still reaping the rewards from it.

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