The Recipes for Success from a Master Marketer

empower recipe1This post will help someone as soon as you finish reading it. I just got off a call listening to a guy that made over $700k in 60 days and he laid out what I termed the “Recipes for Success” in practical terms. This guy, Vick, is a master internet marketer and “King of Online Traffic” and I am glad to call him a mentor that doesn’t mind sharing the information that has enabled him to be on top of this internet marketing business.

In 2013, the word that I am hearing over and over from several top marketers and leaders is the word Creating. Be a creator, think about an issue or a problem and create a solution or a better way of doing things. So all of you that have a vision, a dream and you have something that you want, well this information is for you.

Below are 7 Recipes for Success from Vick that I want to share with you that you can implement in any field of endeavor:
1. Create from your Why – really dig deep on your real why. Your why will be bigger than the money. Wanting to have the money is nice however you must have a vision that is bigger … Why do I want to do what I am doing? Sit down and talk with you spouse or loved one and discuss what you really have in mind and on your heart to do. Many times when they see your commitment and that burning desire inside of you, that may be the connection needed to bring you closer.

2. Have No Plan B – no other options to focus on but the one you stake your claim on. Vick stated in his opinion that, “most people are failing because they have a plan B and they get comfortable.”

3. Have Crystal Clear Goals – If you don’t know where you are going, then you will probably end up there. When you are crystal clear on your goals and direction, you more than likely will be successful no matter what distraction or hurdle that may come your way.

4. Watch Your Environment – eliminate as much negativity as you can. Be brutal with the people you are around and the people you allow to be around you. Protect your time and space from these intrusions.

5. Take Massive Action – do what you see the leaders are doing and do it now! The key to taking massive action is being clear on the first four parts of the recipe. Most people take massive action without taking time to do the first four points. They are grinding it out however they are not producing the results that they are looking for. When you are doing this it’s like looking for the sunrise in the west; it’s not going to happen! When you have the first four points clear along with having the right tools, the right vehicle and the right people around you, then you can have anything you want if you want it bad enough.

6. Attend the Events – this is where you are around like-minded people that are congregated together for the same outcome, to learn and get better at what they do. You also may find your next business partners and/or idea that can propel your business higher.

7. Forget about the Money! When you do this, when your why is bigger than the money, you will actually forget about the money. Yes, you and me need money to function in this world that we live in, however when the money start coming in and possibly more than you can imagine, then this is where your why will really come into play at this point. Think about a guy like Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, where I am sure he had plenty of money however he wasn’t creating these major products from a standpoint of making money but of making a difference, an impact.
That my friends, is the simple Recipe for Success and Living on Purpose from a master marketer’s standpoint.

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