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  • Do You Need Help Getting Clear on What You Want?

    Do You Need Help Getting Clear on What You Want? Someone mentioned that it’s a challenge on Getting Clear on what they want. Here’s the reply… “Be just as clear about What you Want as you are about What you Don’t Want!” When it comes to your kids, your home, your money, your feelings, etc… […]

  • Art Williams Says Do It!

    Art Williams Says Do It! Do you need to give someone an encouraging word? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to travel all over the world? Do you want to be on stage giving inspirational talks and presentations? Whatever it is you want to do, the message on this video post […]

  • Four Warning Signs that Hurt Online Marketers

    Four Warning Signs that Hurts Online Marketers Are You Overwhelmed, Stuck, Lacking and Frustrated? Let’s face it, when entrepreneurs come up with an idea or follow suit on their dream, optimism is high and enthusiasm is infectious however there are some warning signs you need to pay attention to down the road. Sure, we all […]

  • The Recipes for Success from a Master Marketer

    This post will help someone as soon as you finish reading it. I just got off a call listening to a guy that made over $700k in 60 days and he laid out what I termed the “Recipes for Success” in practical terms. This guy, Vick, is a master internet marketer and “King of Online […]