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  • Do You know Why You Lead?

    Do you know why you lead? I came across an interesting article concerning leaders and leadership. The article asked a question for people in leadership that caused me to dig deep to find my true answer. When you get some time to yourself, ask yourself this question; “Why are You Leading?” Are you leading because you […]

  • Still Wanting My Toys is the Key to Happiness!

    Hello My Friends, I hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and were grateful of the past year. Now that you have assessed your last year and put down all of your New Year’s Resolutions, if you have kids or know of someone with kids, I want you to pay close attention to them […]

  • CEO’s Take the Initiative and Grab the Bull By the Horns!

    I found an interesting article in my daily reading over the weekend that really inspired me to take more massive action in my business. The article, “Difference Makers – Top 100 Places to Work 2010” in the Dallas Morning News, offered a glimpse into the CEO’s perspective by asking them three questions. Number 1 – What their staff wanted […]

  • Believe, Decide, then Do It!

    Do you have an idea, a job or task that you believe in? Have you gotten fed up with the status quo and just plain tired of being sick and tired? If you were in the room with 10 people including yourself and the other 9 stated their doubts and even went so far to […]

  • Khan Academy – A Unique Way of Teaching!

    Hello my friends, I came across an article about Sal Khan,, in the September 6, 2010 issue of Fortune magazine titled, “Bill Gates Favorite Teacher” by David A. Kaplan. We all have heard of a guy name Bill Gates of Microsoft’ s Fame ,who is one of Khan’s academy’s biggest fan by the way he and his 11 […]

  • Success in business? Focus on success in life

    Hello my friends, I invested my labor day holiday catching up on some needed reading and I came across a very interesting and intriguing article in the business section of the Dallas Morning Newspaper on September 5, 2010, written by Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business School professor titled “Success in business? Focus on success in life”. To […]