No Worries, Maintaining Integrity Goes a Long Way

No Worries, Maintaining Integrity Goes a Long Way

Should I Take the Shortcut and Worry about the Outcome Later?

I wanted to write this post to you that may be experiencing a situation where someone may want you to take shortcuts and get fast results in your personal or business life however you know that there is something quite not right with their methods. You may be currently doing all of the right things however the results or achievements that you are looking for are may not be coming the way you want them to. You may be at the crossroads between maintaining integrity and character versus getting fast results doing the wrong thing.

No matter what business you are in you will always have someone or some group that will want you to do something that may not be legal or moral to be a part of. I want to share an inspirational  story that I recently heard and I believe if you take it to heart, you or someone you know will be encourage to continue on the right path no matter how long it will take you to get there.


This is a story of a king that had reigned for a long period of time and now is getting ready to pass the mantle and anoint the new king. He didn’t have anyone heirs or someone in particular to give it to so he came up with a plan for this process to happen. He asked all of the interested candidates to step up and go for it. He talked with the candidates and instructed them of his plan for anointing the next king. He would give them all plant seeds for them to plant and after one year he wanted them all to come in and show what happened with the seeds they planted.

One year went by and now it is time for all of the candidates display. The candidates all coming in with their nice plants and their uniquely designed floral arrangements to the crowds delight.

Now there was one gentleman who was quite disturbed because no matter how much he tried to water his plant and till the soil, his plant would not grow. Leading up to the end of the year, he became frustrated and depressed however he kept trying to grow his plant to no avail.

When the time came for the candidates to show their display the King would ask them about all that took place with their seeds, planting and their plants. The displays and stories of the plants were fascinating to say the least and when the time came for the one guy with no plant to step forward, he almost didn’t make it to the stage just out of fear and embarrassment.

The king looked at him and saw the he had no plant to show and talk about and asked him what happened. The gentleman mustered enough strength to tell the king that as soon as he received the seeds a year ago, he went out in excitement and planted and watered the seeds to grow his plant. After days and months, no matter how hard he tried, nothing happened.

He tried and tried to no avail and then he thought, how can I show up and see all of the others with their beautiful flowers to display and here I am with nothing to show for my efforts. The candidates standing next to him and the people in attendance began to mock, laugh and hurled insults at him until the keepers of the gate quieted the crowd. No matter what the others said or how much they laughed and mocked him, he knew he needed to be true to himself and the king and deal with the aftermath from the king.

At the end of the night, the king came up to make the big announcement for his successor. All of the candidates were anxious and excited to hopefully hear their name called to be the next King. The King gave a brief talk and made an announcement that would shock and amaze all in attendance. The man with no plant to display would be the next King. The candidates became angry and the crowd began to whisper, complain and ask questions as to why the king made this particular choice when the man clearly didn’t have any positive results to show after one year.

The king knew his choice would be questioned and he began to quiet the crowd so that he could explain his choice and decision. The king stated that by looking at all of the candidates, there was no way he could pick them from outside appearances. He needed to come up with an exercise of integrity to see which candidate looked the best from the inside.

When he passed out seeds to all of the candidates a year ago, the seeds he gave to everyone was boiled seeds and thus these seeds would not be able to produce any plant at all. The king calmly stated that out of all of the candidates, this man was the only one to show honesty and integrity even though he didn’t have a plant to display. He knew that in order to anoint the right king, that candidate would have to display these traits in order to lead the people no matter what bad news he may have to give.

Now, what about you? Are you living and working with integrity in business? Yes, it would be great and recommended for you to have super results and being the valuable leader that will take a business to higher levels. Think about this for a moment; if you were presented an opportunity for advancement from your manager or business coach and no matter if you have stellar results or minimal results, would you be honest and allow your integrity to trump the allure of lying and taking the shortcut to get what you want?

No matter what the crowd say, being truthful to yourself first and others that are in a position to assist you should take precedence. This is what leaders do! It can feel so all alone to be in front and whether we have good or bad news, maintaining integrity and having courage to step up and deliver is a must when leading others.

Thanks for taking time to read this post and if you feel that it can help someone else along the way, please like and share with others.
Live with Integrity!

P. Jackson
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