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  • Becoming a Better Leader (Simple Concept #7 out of 11) Adaptability

    In today’s post we will discuss simple concept #7 which is Adaptability. “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” -Ben Franklin There has never been a faster-changing marketplace than the one we live in today. Leaders must be flexible in managing changing opportunities and challenges and nimble enough to pivot at the right moment. Stubbornness is […]

  • An Irresistible Info Product Creation Guru – Mark Hoverson

    Hello my friends, for some reason I have to make this post irresistible because in the online business and product creation world, this word “irresistible” has become the new buzzword of the day. For those that has been offline or under a rock, this past month the biggest rage in business other than the Economic […]

  • Mike Dillard – The Legend of Attraction Marketing

    Hello my friends, I thought I would spend this time talking about the creator and guru of attraction marketing known as Mike Dillard (the guy in the middle along with Larry “Stonecold Millionaire” Beacham and Shola-one of the MLM Brothers). He is the person who created the Magnetic Sponsoring curriculum which is known as “THE” […]

  • Cedrick Harris Shares His Number #1 Strategy

    Do your remember a top Pro Basketball player saying, “Practice, Practice, we are talking about Practice?” In the internet marketing sales arena, I relate this statement to Prospecting. I know many people will say, “Prospecting, Prospecting, why do I need to Prospect for clients? I have my business in place online and you want me […]

  • Working From Home is a Joke!

    Has working from home became a joke to you?  Right before bedtime, you start planning and visualizing what your day will look like for the next day and when the morning comes what happens? You are all over the house, cooking breakfast, washing clothes, watching TV, cleaning up the bedroom, etc… By noon, you get […]

  • Robin Marks – Is it Worth Going to Events?

    You have invested in books, cd’s, web programs and other pertinent information for your business. Now you owe it to yourself to reserve your hotel room and travel arrangements for your primary business conference or event. The strategies shared from the keynote speakers along with information from your peers will provide you with the energy […]

  • Lerrod Smalls – Be Consistent with Your Activities

    Have you ever started one project and before you completed it you moved on to another project? Ever had someone question you about this type of activity and you mentioned that you were multitasking your projects and they will be completed soon. After a period of time the projects are still in process. Well listen […]

  • CEO’s Take the Initiative and Grab the Bull By the Horns!

    I found an interesting article in my daily reading over the weekend that really inspired me to take more massive action in my business. The article, “Difference Makers – Top 100 Places to Work 2010” in the Dallas Morning News, offered a glimpse into the CEO’s perspective by asking them three questions. Number 1 – What their staff wanted […]

  • Take Massive Action!

    Hello my friends, I was both humbled and honored to have David E. DeMarco, a three time Emmy Award Winning Editor from the Philadelphia area, interview me at an Internet Marketers conference. We are part of the same team and over the course of the weekend at this conference, the phrase, “Take Action” was overwhelmingly […]

  • Believe, Decide, then Do It!

    Do you have an idea, a job or task that you believe in? Have you gotten fed up with the status quo and just plain tired of being sick and tired? If you were in the room with 10 people including yourself and the other 9 stated their doubts and even went so far to […]

  • Be Around the Players to Develop your Skills

    I remember playing football as a free agent during rookie camp, hustling all over the field trying to do the right thing and make the great play to catch the coaches eye. However at the start of the real training camp when the entire team came together, the veterans and “big name” guys were making […]

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