The People In Your Life Can Make the Difference

When I look back at my life I remember that I really did have some cool friends and people period that I used to hang out with. Yeah sure, we got into a few mishaps and of course we had to pay the price, however we all still had a positive outlook on life and our future. We all felt like if we just kept a good attitude, took care of our business and give our best to whatever cause or purpose we set for ourselves, things would work out in our favor. I want to give credos to our parents and mentors that stayed on us every step of the way.

Fast forward to adulthood and in my working career, I’m starting to notice that many people really don’t have any goals or know what to do with their life! Guess what? There was a time when I fell into this category and didn’t know what to do with my life and I had no real goals! Interesting isn’t it? Then I learned from many mentors like Jim Rohn that you have to surround yourself with positive people and people that have what you want in life. This quote below sums it up perfect:


Look at the people in your life and take inventory of what kind of value, if any, they are bringing into your life. Also ask yourself what value are you bringing in that person’s life. Better yet, ask them what kind of value are you bringing into their life. If there is no value and you feel yourself being pulled down from some of the people in your life, you have the power and the permission to make changes.

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P. Jackson
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**Concepts and quotes taken from David Kerpen, co-founder and CEO of Likeable, NY Times best-selling author and keynote speaker.

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