Facing Your Giants!

GIANTSI don’t know about you but this picture is crystal clear to me that the green guy is in way over his head. He’s big, strong andmenacing looking but I Believe I can take him down! This was a fun picture because every time I walked by this huge Incredible Hulk, I felt the need to take him on. I guess that’s the “little boy” inside of me that still likes to imagine all kinds of ideas and challenges.

However there was a question that immediately came to mind after I took the picture. Are you facing your giants in life? Are you facing those obstacles, mountains and giants that are standing between you and success? These seemingly “Big” giants could be in the form of financial and health issues, people’s negative comments or attitudes about your ideas and your dreams.

There is no getting around it, if you are striving to be all that you can be, striving to help and make a difference in the lives of others, you will face some giants on your journey.

When looking at this picture, two thoughts can come to mnd. One is that I’m too small and the giant will have an easy fight or the second thought is if he’s crazy and brave enough to face it, he may think and believe he has a chance of winning. That’s the lesson right there… be brave enough to Believe that you can Win! I think about the Bible story of David fighting and beating Goliath because he first believed and trusted in a God who is bigger than any Goliath or Giants he will ever face. Then he boldly faced Goliath and took him down.

Check out this photo below:


The Giant still has that menacing face looking on his face and I’m smiling. That’s how it is with those haters and dream killers, they will still keep talking and critizing you, while you are on your way moving forward on the journey.  Just smile and keep giving them something to be mad about! So when you are facing your giants, go in belief that victory is on the other side;  Stand Tall!

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P. Jackson
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