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  • Facing Your Giants!

    I don’t know about you but this picture is crystal clear to me that the green guy is in way over his head. He’s big, strong andmenacing looking but I Believe I can take him down! This was a fun picture because every time I walked by this huge Incredible Hulk, I felt the need […]

  • Fight Like Rocky Balboa to Get What You Want

      The Rocky Balboa movie series is one of my favorite’s of all time; especially Rocky III. This video post is about the power of Knowing exactly what you want. Watch the video below as motivational guru, Tony Robbins, tells the Rocky Story. … I partner with the “Prosperity Team” where we are focused and […]

  • Your Story May Help Someone!

    I really enjoy reading autobiographies and watching TV stories of great people that went  through a great deal of suffering, challenges and setbacks before they became a success. When talking with others about someone, many times we can go over every detail about what happened and the outcome of their lives and get a big […]

  • Believe In Yourself Enough to Win!

    Do you really Believe that you have what it takes to make a $10,000 a month in your business? What about $20,000 or $30,000 a month? What makes you think that you can be a success? Did someone tell you that you have what it takes to be all that you can be? Here’s the […]

  • When the Big Hit Happen, Will You Get Up?

    I want to close out the 2012 year imparting some wisdom for you to take with you into the 2013 New Year. I was watching a video of one of my closest friends from my hometown Tyler, Texas (Gary Jones-Pittsburgh Steelers/former Tx A&M Aggie/Former JT Lion) making a “Big Hit” on a receiver. This was […]

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