When the Big Hit Happen, Will You Get Up?

I want to close out the 2012 year imparting some wisdom for you to take with you into the 2013 New Year. I was watching a video of one of my closest friends from my hometown Tyler, Texas (Gary Jones-Pittsburgh Steelers/former Tx A&M Aggie/Former JT Lion) making a “Big Hit” on a receiver. This was during a time when the Defensive Back could hit a Receiver while catching the ball and there wouldn’t be any penalties or fines for hitting a defenseless player. My how times have changed!

The reason I am posting this video is twofold; first because my friend is bringing that wood (hard hit) on the play and I among many of the hometown folks were super proud of his play and production on the field and secondly, the lesson I gleaned from comments made by the commentator regarding the “big hit” was on point and I want to share. Please view the video below.

Here’s the thing, Don Bebee, the receiver that took the “Big Hit” spent some time laying on the ground, did get back up with assistance and walk off the field. In life and in business, there will be plenty of hits coming our way and we can either lay there and wallow or shake it off, regroup and get up. Yes we may need assistance from time to time and that’s what being in this together is all about!

Now with you making all of those New Year’s Resolutions and getting that attitude ready, do all you can to prepare and execute your life’s work. Keep in mind that in life just like in business or playing football, it’s not a matter of if you will get hit but when you will get hit.

With that being said no matter how hard those hits come, do your best to regroup and get back up, even if you need assistance. This world is pulling for the underdog or the one that needs a helping hand and when you get up after those hits, this can be an inspiration to someone to see that you are still able to get up. Don Beebe, I’ve never met you, but that’s the way to get up and to my boy GJones, great hit man and keep bringing that wood in the field of life also!

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