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  • My Girls Took Me to a Higher Level

    My Girls Took Me to a Higher Level What do my girls have to do with a higher level? I just got in from a 4 day mastermind get together with an organization that I hold dear. We all had a great time and the group also allowed me to be the keynote speaker and […]

  • I Can Relate to Kevin Ware’s Leg injury

    This is a personal post that I thought I’d share to help someone going through injury or a major physical setback on what they love and enjoy doing. Like so many others over the weekend, I took some time to watch the NCAA Men Basketball tournament and had a chance to see the Louisville vs […]

  • When the Big Hit Happen, Will You Get Up?

    I want to close out the 2012 year imparting some wisdom for you to take with you into the 2013 New Year. I was watching a video of one of my closest friends from my hometown Tyler, Texas (Gary Jones-Pittsburgh Steelers/former Tx A&M Aggie/Former JT Lion) making a “Big Hit” on a receiver. This was […]

  • The Bamboo Tree – Keep Watering the Dream!

    Hello my friends, This blogpost is actually a video message that I want to share to you. I recognize that the Big Majority of you on my email list are striving in your purpose and calling to make a difference to others. There are times on your journey, that the way is paved with plenty of obstacles and hurdles, there […]

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