My 7 year old Daughter Reminded Me to Practice, Perform and Get Paid!

I am sitting here reflecting on the joy’s I had on
yesterday at my 7 year old daughter’s poetry reading
at her school. She was super excited to see her
(3 months old) sister and I come in and give her the
support that she wants and deserves.

We anxiously waited for her turn to give her speech and
when she did, we, along with everyone else laughed and
showered her with appreciation; Great Job Lauryn!!
All of the other kids did well also. I remember having
this kind of quirky smile on my face for the duration
of the recital.

My wife and I are always happy to see her performing
whether it’s in her school plays, Church praise dancing
or on the soccer field, however there was something
different about this performance that stood out for me
than any other performances leading up to yesterday.

After the presentations, I hung around for awhile so that
a few of the teachers and other parents could come over
to see and play with our baby (3 month old). I went over
to talk with Lauryn and gave her a “high five” and told
her that we were very proud of her for doing a wonderful
job and giving it her best effort. Then Lauryn said
something to me that stayed in my mind for the rest of
the day. She said, “Daddy, I am glad we
practiced the routine over and over last night.”

empower network practice

Now keep in mind that we normally practice whatever
activity she is doing over and over before any performance
however this was different in a big way. Instead of me
going over a few points in her performance and also
stating the importance of practice and preparation, this
time she beat me to the punch. What stood out for me was
seeing the satisfaction on her face for having nailed the
performance but also her being mindful of the fact that her
practicing it over and over was the key.

You remember several years ago, there was this very talented
basketball star that made an infamous statement about “Practice”.
This basketball star took a lot of heat about making that
statement and for good reason too, because in everything
that we do, practice and preparation is needed to be able to
nail those performances.

So I share this lesson with you today, to review your business
and performances on your calendar and start practicing and
preparing the material over and over before you perform them.
If it writing a blog, recording a video, teaching a training
session, whatever it is practice and prepare like it’s no
tomorrow. Then do it, perform it,
create and develop it!

Because after the performance, after you implement the strategies,
there’s no greater feeling than the feeling you get deep down
inside of you, you know that you put in the practice, the
preparation to reap all of the awards, the money, the ovations
from those in attendance and it feels great!

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P. Jackson
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