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  • Why Lebron James is My New Favorite “B”Player

    Why Lebron James is My New Favorite “B”Player Well here we are, sitting on the horizon of another NBA Championship and even though the teams are different from last year, there’s one name that remains the same and that name is LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. For the record, I have never been a […]

  • Happy New Year 2015

    Happy New Year 2015 Every New Year’s day morning, as I seek to embark on new journeys, new dreams and new territories, I’m always blessed to come back home to Tyler, Texas and remember to invest a little time at a place that not only gave me the confidence and willingness to grind but also […]

  • The Journey of a Dreamer

    The Journey of a Dreamer I wonder how many dreamers and entrepreneurs understand this image below which I labeled, “The Journey of a Dreamer”.  It is pretty amusing however this is true for so many of my fellow dreamers. Let me ask you, what are you doing to overcome these obstacles and distractions and if […]

  • My Girls Took Me to a Higher Level

    My Girls Took Me to a Higher Level What do my girls have to do with a higher level? I just got in from a 4 day mastermind get together with an organization that I hold dear. We all had a great time and the group also allowed me to be the keynote speaker and […]

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