Why Lebron James is My New Favorite “B”Player

Why Lebron James is My New Favorite “B”Player


Well here we are, sitting on the horizon of another NBA Championship and even though the teams are different from last year, there’s one name that remains the same and that name is LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. For the record, I have never been a die-hard Lebron James fan because of the players ahead of him such as, Dr. J, Magic, Jordan and Kobe for that matter in my opinion, played with such tenacity and strong-willed determination and now I’m coming to terms that LeBron plays that way too he just has a smooth way of making the game look easy. I must say that he is fast rising to the top of the list of top “B” Players and doing it in a totally different way.

Now, I know there are many discussions this time of the sports year about who’s the best player thats ever played, the best in the playoffs, blah, blah, blah… well, if LeBron’s team win the championship within the next few weeks these talks will only get hotter. I mean this guy was born for the game of basketball. When you think of LeBron, of course you think of Basketball and the awesome talent he possesses and displays on a nightly basis with the coast to coast flying dunks, and the “out of nowhere” block shots. The reason he is fast becoming my favorite “B” Player is not for basketball, it’s for Business.

The Business World

In the Business world, LeBron James is moving up the charts when it comes to athletes taking things on another level with business. He sits with Warren Buffet, a Billionaire, friends with Jay Z, Multi-millionaire and a host of other big time business players, that have been instrumental in his knowledge and growth in business and financial matters. Yes he sits with Warren Buffet and does deals with Jay Z and other deep pocketed business brands however what he and a couple of his friends have established is something that we don’t see in the sports world with high profile athletes and their business structure.

lebron and his guys

My main reason is because of what he and a few of his St. Vincent-St. Mary high school friends such as Maverick Carter, Frankie Walker, Jr. and fellow Akron friends Jaron Kanfer and Mike Hurley. Maverick has formed an agent and sports marketing company, LRMR, that manages LeBron as well as a few other athletes and is doing well. I remember the backlash from some of the the media personnel the minute that LeBron announced the plans of allowing his guys to manage him with his career. Statements like, “They are too young with no experience in the business world of the NBA, plus there are more established people in the business to manage the best basketball player in the world with his business matters.” Frankie, Jaron and Mike has started a high-end retail shop for men called Unknwn, which recently had its grand opening. Its first location is in the city’s swanky Aventura Mall. LeBron’s money is behind this venture but, with all of Jame’s time focused on basketball, Walker, Jr. likely will get the chance to run the show.

To LeBron and the guys credit, he just didn’t hand the keys over with his ever growing basketball and business kingdom the minute he signed a  Pro contract. They all had a plan regardless of what was said behind and in front of the scenes. They went and got the necessary education, information and resources to be qualified and make it happen. These guys found a way to bridge the gap from being good friends to doing business together.

End Results!

The long and short of this post is that everyone gets a chance to eat! This is the Blueprint on how one person made a decision to keep the very people that was supportive, the very people that helped and push him with early successes in life both on and off the court, are still a big part of the team. We have so many athletes that have built a team of professionals to assist them with their finances and brand off the court, however you may be hard-pressed to find any top athlete in any field of sport still maintain a good relationship with their close friends in their private setting and still have those same friends in the boardroom making business decisions for success. For this reason alone is why LeBron James is my new favorite “B” Player.
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