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  • Get in Peak State!

    Get in Peak State! Are You Ready? In order to be successful, first you want to be “In State” or should I say you need to be in Your PEAK State. You have to be at your emotional peak, entirely focused on the situation at hand. You Must be Excited! You Must be Ready! You […]

  • Take Massive Action!

    Take Massive Action Did you get a chance to read my last post titled, “Asking the Right Question“? If so, you now understand that your answer, the right answer, would be a Big factor into leading you to your destiny. The other part of this equation is the content you see in the photo below. That’s […]

  • Here’s a Great Place to Find the Answers

    Here’s a Great Place to Find the Answers It’s All In Your Head! I came across this photo on a restaurant billboard and thought it was appropriate for so many people to see. Those stubborn issues and challenges we face on a daily basis, oftentimes, will cause us to look and seek out the answers from everywhere but the right […]

  • Think and Take Action!

    Think and Take Action! There is a lot going on in this photo and you probably can pull out 5 or 6 “Golden Nuggets”, I will keep it simple and leave it at two lessons for now. I know this is a statue and we both look to be in deep thought however I am […]

  • Young Leaders with Action!

    Young Leaders With Action! Keep your eyes peeled for these young leaders, (Calvin Henson, Kevin Lee, Matthew Stell and Braxton Robinson) at their prospective universities – (Prairie View, Paul Quinn, University of Houston and SFA). I know these young men parents or I have recognize them from afar for making an impact with their attitude and […]

  • Watch Your Words

    Watch Your Words Today I want you to focus and examine the words you are saying to yourself first and then to others. To take this exercise deeper, I want you to also be keenly aware of how you are saying those words.When we talk to others pay close attention to how people are responding […]

  • Why Lebron James is My New Favorite “B”Player

    Why Lebron James is My New Favorite “B”Player Well here we are, sitting on the horizon of another NBA Championship and even though the teams are different from last year, there’s one name that remains the same and that name is LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. For the record, I have never been a […]

  • The Faces of Leadership!

    The Faces of Leadership! This is me in deep thought regarding a statement below that I read the other day in the Harvard Business Review regarding leadership. “The Leader must cope with the least capable, the suspicious, the self centered, the ungrateful, the haters, the uninspired and the generally the unhappy person, all while not becoming […]

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