Your Story May Help Someone!

I really enjoy reading autobiographies and watching
TV stories of great people that went  through a great
deal of suffering, challenges and setbacks before they
became a success.

When talking with others about someone, many times we
can go over every detail about what happened and the
outcome of their lives and get a big kick out of
knowing this information.

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Now, let’s focus on You for a minute; Do you know
Your Story? I’m sure you know it but let’s dig a little

Can you tell YOUR story?

You read books, listen to audios, attend events, get
on webinars and grind and push through life everyday and
know all about how to do it but at the end of the day,
can you tell your story?

In the public speaking arena, I heard prolific
speaking gurus mention, that you can command a king’s
ransom, when you are really good at telling your story.
You have a lifetime of experiences that you can pull
from to share and help so many in this world and we
are waiting for you to step up.

Believe it or not, you have been good at telling
your story however it’s the wrong story! Somewhere
deep down you have convinced yourself that no one
cares, no one is interested in hearing stuff about
you. In my opinion, you are wrong, dead wrong because
your story may be just what someone need to hear to
encourage them to keep going or do
more with their lives.

Sharing your story is not only good for others,
it’s also good for you! When you recall those
experiences coupled with the knowledge and wisdom of
what you learned through the process, you are
validating a process called growth. Your experiences
of pain and loss and how you overcame those obstacles
will show others how to keep pushing and never give
up. When your story is full of people assisting you
at every turn and how you never forget where you
came from, you will show others what it means to
be grateful.

Think back on a particular situation or experience
you had or may even be going through and how it can
help someone else.There are many, many more examples
of how sharing your life’s experiences can shine a
light for someone in a dark place to see a ray of
hope to keep moving forward. This is why your story
is really so much bigger than you. A test in life
is just the first part of that word “testimony.”

So starting today, I challenge each and everyone one
of you to start sharing your story to others.
No matter how much knowledge you acquire or how great
that motivational quote may sound, it plays an even
better tune when applied with your story!

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Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. Jackson

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