Beyonce’ Was All Over My House This Past Weekend!

Beyonce’ was all over my house this weekend and I have my 7 year old daughter, Lauryn, to thank. First, she is my daughter’s favorite singer and entertainer and she can do no wrong when it comes to dancing and wearing those fabulous outfits. Yeah I guess I can say that those outfits she wears are ok, however I’m a little cautious with my daughter when it comes to her trying to dance and shake her hips and all of that stuff. Hold up a minute, let’s sit and calm down a little bit, you know what I mean.


Well anyway, her just released self produced documentary titled; “Beyonce – Life is But a Dream came on along with her exclusive interview with Oprah soon afterward. We had magazines with her pictures plastered all over our kitchen and dining room tables along with her dance moves being displayed on every TV set in the house. Like I stated before, Beyonce’ was all over my house and for Lauryn, this was the best weekend of her young life. On the replay of the documentary and the interview, I agreed to watch it with my daughter only if she would sit beside me and listen instead of dancing every five minutes.

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For someone like Beyonce’ who has been performing and singing at a high level for a long time and have experienced so much success at what she does, I knew she would share some inspirational “nuggets” and I wanted my daughter to listen and absorb. I wanted to take this time to help her understand on a very basic level that there is more to Beyonce’s success than just showing up in the studio and on the dance floor. To my surprise, there I was with a notepad full of inspiring notes and ideas that was valuable to say the least and I will share the highlights with you on this post.

Here are some of those nuggets:

THINKING – She stated that she have to think about finances, think about being practical, think about her future, think about investments and to be serious and continue to think things through.

A BUSINESS WOMAN – Sher learned from her father that it is difficult being polite and being in business because it does not work too well. You have to be fair and most importantly, be fair to yourself!

BEING AN ARTIST – Be an artist sometimes things just don’t make sense. Life is speaking to us all of the time and we have to slow down and pay attention. Do things when she is inspired. When you are an artist, an entertainer, you have to believe you are an artist, set standards and express your art for the right reasons.

BEING IN THE ZONE – When you are in that zone, you feel at home, there’s a fire inside and you have that feeling that you know exactly what you are doing and you are doing it. Oprah mentioned that being in the zone is when Art meets God! Oprah also stated that during the Super Bowl Halftime performance, Beyonce’ just didn’t meet the moment, she owned the moment!

HIGHER POWER – God is Real, he lives inside of me.

MAKING DECISIONS – There are no trumpets or drum rolls going off when you are making the biggest decisions of your life. Sometimes you don’t know that you are making them at the time.

TRUST YOURSELF – At the hardest moments in life when you feel that you are not strong enough or you are not ready, you put in the work then you just have to jump.

SELF AWARENESS/TRANSPARENCY – Know who you are, stay on the edge and stay relevant. Mystique is also important but you have to stop pretending that you have it all together, all of the time. When you are scared be scared, release it. After you release it you become stronger, braver.

At the end of the Oprah Interview, Oprah gave Beyonce one of the biggest compliments that really opened my daughter’s eyes and it was taken from Maya Angelou; “You make me proud to spell my name… W-O-M-A-N. I personally believe that this quote says it best for all of the women out here making an impact and a difference in the lives of others.

Yes I must admit that I, like most men, am a big fan of Beyonce and her dance moves however I am truly a fan of someone that is doing what they loved to do and being successful at it. At the end of the night, I mentioned to my wife that it was a good night for Lauryn to not only see her favorite performer do her thing on stage but also to get a little understanding on Beyonce’s thoughts and mindset on her life away from the bright lights and big crowds.

We did have fun singing and dancing to those catchy beats but now I am a bit overloaded with Beyonce’ to say the least. Now the week just started, we cleaned off the tables and cut the TV off because it’s that time again with school for Lauryn and work for the wife and I. In a few days, I will have a chance to figure out who we will have over to the house for next weekend.

Thanks again for reading this post and if you received some value from this content and if you have any comments to share, please do so.


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P. Jackson
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