Protesting for Change

Honoring George Floyd’s Life

Protesting for Change

Honoring George Floyd’s Life

After weeks of Shelter in place, we decided to hit the streets and in less than two hours, we learn something about the city, the protest and most importantly about ourselves.

We took it all in while wearing masks and practicing as much social distancing (Pandemic is still here) as we could.

There’s something liberating and empowering by being on ground level of a protest, surrounded by people full of energy, both young and old, coming together for a cause that’s necessary and bigger than all of us.

Lessons Learned

As much as our girls took in the sights, sounds and feel of the protest, the two biggest takeaways were lessons of COURAGE and SACRIFICE.

COURAGE – When faced with a fight or challenge against strongholds and systems of injustice, you will need to dig deep to find that fight, that grit for courage to come up for yourself, courage for others as well as be ready to lean on the courage of others when yours get low.

SACRIFICE – To have a made up mind knowing that once you take that first step down the road of social justice, the sacrifice could last a day, week, year or in some cases a lifetime. Careers, reputation and lives have been won and lost during these battles and many times the results may not end in total victory however progress should be made on each phase of the journey.

I do believe that with the right intention to serve for the cause to better humanity, the process to get involve and do it, is what leads to change and afterwards God is pleased.

At the end, we talked about George Floyd, we waved and shared a pleasant nod with a couple of policemen, we drove by the boarded up stores to some of our favorite downtown spots and finally made it back home to what felt like a civil rights tour.

To all that’s committed and dedicated to seeing the best of humanity… be safe, stay focused and prayed up.
Make it HAPPEN!!!


P. Jackson “The Action Online”

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Patrick Jackson

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