Could This Be the Most Important Job for All Marketers?

If You Miss this One Thing… You May Miss Everything!

Could This be the Most Important Job for All Marketers?

If You Miss this One Thing… You May Miss Everything!

Patrick is a sales rep for a commercial insurance company.

He makes calls daily, spends several weeks prospecting this one couple who owns a few large residential properties and he knows that if and when he lands the deal, he will be at the top of the sales leader board contest and get him the financial bonus he wants.

Today is the THE day.

Today is the day he finally get the call to come over and go over the product and terms and come to an agreement.

He awakes early, springs out of bed, skips breakfast to stay hungry and jumps in the car.

He sets up his GPS Navigation System for 440 Beltline Road and takes off.

Seatbelt, check!

Coffee secured, check!

Mirrors, check!

Right foot on the gas, check!

…Here we go!

20 minutes into the drive he realizes he’s going to be late. What happen? He should have already been there.

Patrick checks the GPS which reads, 45 minutes to destination. What the…?

Foot hard on the breaks.

Patrick’s heart sinks into his pants pocket.

He programmed the GPS to 440 Beltline Road, Insurance Court instead of 440 Beltline Road, Insurance Plaza.

***yelling and cussing***

Patrick reprograms the GPS and steps on it.

He nearly runs a red light and almost bumps a car with his side mirror in the next lane.

He arrives at the client’s property 15 minutes late just as the couple was headed out.

He apologizes over and over and tries to explain that his GPS didn’t pick up the difference in names and this only hammers home the point on how incompetent he may be.

Guess what… he loses the sale.

Okay, this is a totally made up story. But here’s the deal:

You can put in a lot of work into something and miss one small yet highly significant detail and flush the entire project down the drain.

I see Affiliate Marketers doing it all the time.

They are putting in a lot of work to be successful as a marketer, such as building landing pages, writing content, posting on social media, running ads, ie… investing a lot of time “in the lab” and spending a lot of money.

But… they’re marketing the WRONG PRODUCTS to the WRONG NICHE MARKET.

When it comes to starting any business, especially an online business, your market and niche selection is very important!

You could be a highly skilled marketer, but you could simply be in the wrong market. It happens all the time even to experienced online marketers who ignore this rule.

Get this part right upfront and it will save you a lot of time, money and can earn you a lot of money!

Grab a pen, write some niche ideas down that are in high demand and find some products that solve the problems in those particular markets, and now you are on your way!
Make it HAPPEN!!!


P. Jackson “The Action Online”

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Patrick Jackson

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