COVID-19 Affecting Everything in 2020

Will You Become Better During this Shelter in Place?

COVID-19 Affecting Everything in 2020

Will You Become Better During this Shelter in Place?

There is so much that I can talk about in regards to Covid-19 and this Global Pandemic situation that we are facing in our lives.

Let me run down the list of things such as Coronavirus symptoms,
Global Pandemic,
News of New Covid-19 Cases and Daily Number of Deaths,
Shelter in place,
Social distancing,
Vaccine search,
The President,
The Governors,
Dr. Faucci,
The Media,
Essential businesses,
Right to work,
Open the States back up,
Small business stimulus package,
Unemployment rate,
Stock market,
Toilet paper,
Hand sanitizer,
Gloves and Masks,
Low gas prices,
Working from home,
Online church services,
Zoom video webinars and conference calls,
Netflix and chill movies and entertainment,
Creative workouts from homes…

Ooh wee, this list can literally drive someone insane after you realize that life the way we lived before this, may will not return to the normalcy that we knew of before. We are all pretty much affected in many of the same ways and even after viewing this list, I must say that we are still blessed.

With God first, I trust and believe that having the right mindset and attitude will allow us to get through these times in peace. I believe that if we look at it from this perspective, we will be able to come out of this COVID 19 Pandemic situation, in a few ways better than when we first got in it.

I thought about creating a long list of ideas and to-do’s to get us through this shelter in place however I narrowed things down to categories in order to allow God to guide us along the path He wants us to be in. I created a 7 Point Plan below that will help guide us along each day.

7 Point Plan


Each day I make sure that we do something in each of these 7 categories that will make us better as both an individual and family member. This 7 Point Plan is great at developing a steady focus in working on our activities and not allow much time to be wasted throughout the day.

Time is our biggest resource and how we use it now, can and will determine our lives and direction of our families from this point forward. This is why I am smiling, in the featured post image, because I know that this is part of God’s master plan, even if we don’t understand or like it all.

So I challenge you to do the same and if you have some ideas on games, opportunities or food recipes that you would like to share, please do so in the comments on this post. Find some joy and peace in these times.
Let’s Get Better!


Patrick Jackson

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Patrick Jackson

Written by Action Jackson

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