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  • It’s Time to Celebrate You!

    It’s Time to Celebrate You! Yes, you read this right, have you set aside some time to Celebrate You? Why or Why not? I know you have your New Year’s Resolutions written down and you look at them from time to time to stay on track. Well, how are you doing on your journey? We […]

  • Action Tip – Overloaded?

    Action Tip – Overloaded? Action Tip – Overloaded? We Over-commit, we Overdo then we Overreact! Take a breath before you say yes. (More than a Bucket List) Protect your mind and your time by not over committing and spreading yourself to thin. Make it HAPPEN!!!   P. Jackson “The Action Online” Connect with me here […]

  • Be Good Looking with Others

    Here is a short video sharing an action tip when dealing with negative people. It’s not easy sometimes being around people that always seem to see the negative out of everything they come in contact with.  We don’t have to take on the same approach that they have, instead I ask you to take the opposite […]