My 7 Year Old Daughter Reminded Me of The Power in the Words You Speak

Have you heard people say that there is power in the words you speak? I came in the other day and my 7 year old daughter wanted to talk with me about a few things going on in her life. We went through her day at school and what happened with her friends and school activities. I could tell that she had a few things on her mind so she then pulled out her diary and wanted me to read some of her daily writings and thoughts.

I came across this post that I thought was kind of cool.

IMAG1367 (1)From Lauryn:
“I love my life because I am a big sister and I’m lucky because my Dad is rich. And do you know why? Because he has a $100!
Wow, if I had that much I would spend it to go to New York and sing and Morgan (lil. sister) would sing with me because
I need a backup singer!”

I can’t even put a price on the fact that she is loving her life and taking pride in being a big sister. At home she is
always singing and dancing and pushing her little 4 month of sister to join in. She has dreams of going to New York and
Hollywood and I like the way she included her little sister in her words, to accompany her to New York as a backup singer.

*Side Note* Not sure if Morgan will want to be backup, she’s seem to have a lead singer mentality already.**

Now, I know as she grows older and like most teenagers, she starts thinking she knows it all and boys start getting into the picture (shotgun ready!!!). The pressure will be on both her mother and I, to continue stepping up to the plate of leadership and responsibility like Parents should do.

I must admit that the statement she made of her “Dad being Rich because he has $100” caught me off guard and I had to smile on that one because you got to love kids and their innocence at this young stage of life. That little girl words made me feel like the best Dad in the whole world not because of the “Being Rich” statement, it’s because I remember a “short” time ago when I was her age and feeling good about my Parents, family and life. I remember having dreams of doing many things, writing them down and talking about them with my friends and anyone close enough around me to listen. Fast forward a few years and today I’m still dreaming, writing, talking, doing and being.

I strongly believe that there is power in words, both negative and positive, and I ask each of you reading this post to stay on the positive side with your words not only to others but most importantly to yourself first! Get around others that speak words of love, encouragement and support to lift you higher on your journey. Now I must get back to work because I feel the pressure of “being rich” and I wonder what she will think if she knew that I had $200?

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