Even with a Tough Injury to Recover from, Live Your Life!

Injured, Sick, Depressed but not Dead… Live Your Life! Just a morning Praise report of being off of crutches for over a week now and thanking GOD every minute for it. I enjoy it when people asked me about my leg and how I am able to keep moving and my short and truthful answer is, it’s by GOD’s Grace!

As far as recovery and therapy, trust me, it’s becoming a full time job,lol. In just a few hours we will be back at it again with all of the painful stretching, ice, rest, lifting… ohh I’m hurting and getting tired just writing this, however through it all, there are some powerful things that will come from my injury, your sickness, depression or whatever ails you, if you just trust GOD, get up and let your light shine!

Do I believe that I will have a complete recovery and get back to working out, walking fast, etc… Yes and Yes!! I write all of this to state that, situations will never be perfect and as long as the Good Lord gives us breath for another day, go make the most of it. Take good care of your temple, find your purpose and live the life, Your Life!

Live Your Life

Live Your Life

Yep, this is me walking without the aid of crutches after a long 2 months of being on them and yes this is my big smile of gratitude for being able to still Live My Life!
Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. Jackson – The Action Online
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Patrick "Action" Jackson is a former NFL Football Player and now serves as an Online Marketer, Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Published Author. I believe in personal growth and self development, which is why I read 2 new books per month as well as stay active in mastermind groups, to keep the iron sharpen for better opportunities and challenges. No matter how much we think, plan, study and learn, nothing happens until we Take Action and Make it HAPPEN!!!

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